Monday, December 13, 2010

Jets Coach Trips Player: Dolphins Players React

Jets Coach Trips Player: Dolphins Players React

The Miami Dolphins players weren't happy with the New York Jets, specifically assistant coach Sal Alosi for tripping Nolan Carroll on the sidelines during the game. The words "cheaters" and "What did you expect?" were the common reaction from the players.
Here's a sampling of the reactions on the video (via Jeff Darlington):
-Karlos Dansby says the trip should be the first video shown on ESPN's "C'mon Man!" Monday night.
-Channing Crowder says he would break that "old man's legs" if he tripped him.
-Nolan Carroll had very little to say and obviously didn't want to stir the pot.
The Jets assistant coach has apologized and the NFL confirmed they were reviewing the matter.

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